I Believe I Am Currently At The Best Team In The World: Jamshedpur Gaffer Cesar Ferrando 0

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The clash between Jamshedpur FC and the home team Mumbai City FC witnessed a robust display of football from both the sides. The match ended on a high note for the visiting side as they whipped past Amrinder Singh twice at the Mumbai Football Arena. After Jorge Costa’s defensive 4-1-4-1 start to the first half, Jamshedpur’s Mario Arques, the 26-year-old stalwart midfielder scored a stunning header leaving Subhasish and Amrinder to wonder about stopping him.

On being asked about the first goal to Mumbai City’s gaffer, he said, “As far as I remember, the goal was scored in the second post which came from a perfect cross and the finish was amusing.” The second goal of the game came at the dying moments of the match when a sudden run with the ball from Pablo Morgado and a perfect punch from the Spanish forward didn’t allow Amrinder to react. Jorge’s reaction to the second goal was unpleasant as he mentioned that his team was completely feckless at the dying minutes. Mumbai though created a lot of chances and was disallowed two goals as they fell prey to Jamshedpur’s offside trap.

Paulo Machado directed a free kick into the JFC box in the 32nd minute of the game. But defender Marko Klisura was unable to direct his header towards the desired spot. Mumbai got another chance after four minutes, but Goian’s shot went wide of the away team’s left post. Cesar Ferrando though reacted to his team’s defensive abilities as he stated, “Mumbai’s attack was good, but our defence responded to them very well at every point of the game.” He stressed that he believes he’s currently at the best team of the world with best players and is looking forward to winning games and achieve success.

Last night, it was made clear by the visiting side that even with the absence of their marquee midfielder Tim Cahill they can clinch 3 points and after Cahill’s addition to the squad from the next game, this new team is capable of doing wonders. On the other hand, the Islander’s gaffer Jorge Costa looks forward to playing against the Blasters at Kochi within the next 24 hours and to refrain from committing the same mistakes.