Manchester United: Know The Reasons Behind The Club’s Recent On-the-field Crisis 1

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Seating at position 8 in the Premier League, having only collected 13 points out of the possible 24 and losing to championship side at Old-Trafford in the first round of the League Cup; anyone who’d have imagined United in this situation five seasons back would be considered a mental case. Fast forward to 2018/19 season, Man United find themselves in crisis and are now considered a club living in the shadow of their past.

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The article will focus on main factors we believe are behind the current turmoil period the club is witnessing.

But What Are The Three Main Problems At United?

The Manager : A lot of fans have been critical of Mourinho and I think he is on borrowed time at the club. The Red-devils appointed Mourinho in 2016 in response to Man City’s Guardiola announcement. The Portuguese went on to win the Community Shield, League Cup and Europa League but ever since nothing went his way. Last season he had a few good run of games until losing one game and he probably hit the panic buttons.

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United have always had embedded from the Matt Busby days the philosophy was always to attack and score more than the opponent and Mourinho’s style is not a way to do it. His negative pragmatic football goes against what the philosophy stands for. Instead of attacking and killing the game from the get go the whole team becomes complacent instead of attacking. Salt to wounds, Mourinho on many occassions went on to criticise his players publicly which obviously had some sort of negative effect on their confidence which drove to the point of him losing the dressing room as most of the players lost any trust on him. Mourinho’s record speaks for himself as he will go down as one of the game’s finest managers but the game has evolved a lot and his tactics are outdated. He doesn’t pocess the tactical maneuver he used to carry before.

The Players :

It’s common knowledge that when results go the wrong way for any team the manager will be the easiest target to put the blame on. United players are partly to blame for the team’s downfall as they lack commitment and dedication. They are not putting enough effort on playing for the badge and it seems like they are playing more as individuals than a team.

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Not long ago Pogba went on and outright criticised the gaffer’s playing style. Worse even, some of the players went through three different managers post Sir Alex Ferguson era and still have the same exact issue plague their tenure. It would be unfair to place the blame on Mourinho alone.

The Board :

The senior executive himself Ed Woodward is a businessman and not a football man. He is more focused on the commercial side getting more sleeve shirt sponsors and rising the market share price. Manchester United turned into the biggest English football laughing stock ever since the change came about in the club hierachy. People above should be held accountable for the club’s long running struggles that began after shambolic managerial recruitments from hiring David Moyes to sacking Louis Van Gaal all in between just three years. The board ompemented no long term plan, perhaps Mourinho was a desperation signing instead of bringing in a long-term manager they opted for a quick fix. Furthermore Ed Woodward and the board did not back the manager in the transfer window. Mourinho made a list of priority signings the team should do heading to the new season but the board didn’t support him. It is absurdly hard to expect someone to deliver if you are not going to back them and provide the resources needed.