“We Are Here To Take The League And Want To Win The Games Consistently”: Floyd Pinto 0

FP - "We Are Here To Take The League And Want To Win The Games Consistently": Floyd Pinto

After the departure of Luis Norton de Matos, Floyd Pinto was entrusted with the job of the head coach of Indian Arrows. The new manager ahead of the new I-League campaign met the press at Coimbatore along with Amarjith Singh Kiyam where his team will lock horns with Chennai City FC in the I-League opener.
“This season is going to be brighter than the previous season, as we have various efficient coaches in different positions of the field”.
“We are here to play direct football this season, neglect more long balls which was played in last season under Luis Norton de Matos”, said Pinto. “Last season is last season, this season is this season so forget about the past let’s think about the future”, he added.
He also said about the healthy record against the Chennai City FC having gained 4 points in 2 games played previous season with a formidable victory at Bambolim with a margin of 3-0 and a draw in Coimbatore in the reverse fixture. It will be a boost or refreshing for the players of Indian Arrows before going into the game having the thought in the mind that they are undefeated against Akbar Nawas’ side.
“Last is season of upsets and everything went right against us, this season gives the players strong belief that they are ready to compete in this league…..They need to believe in them and try to play direct football with free-flowing intensity against all oppositions in this league”, said Pinto. “We need to be careful against all the oppositions and a single mistake will cause more painful situations in which we are not interested to get in”, he added.
“Since the boys are young and efficient but they need to have more experience like professional footballers, for this purpose these leagues are there to improve their experience”.
The gaffer knows that the game against Chennai City is not going to be easy, in this Coimbatore turf all the games are intense and with more pace and pressure. Hence his players should able to hold off their opposition at the heart of the midfield.
He finished saying, “We are here to take the league and want to win the games consistently and want to move up in the table.”.

Amarjit Singh Kiyam(captain)spoke about the team and how the famous victory over Argentina and draw against Serbia and other trips to the Europe had taught experience to them. “The side is very good this season and we are growing with experience, we are very friendly in and out of the field and having good communication among all the players is our strengths”, said Amarjit.

He said about the styles followed in South American sides and the European sides. “In South America, they are strong and remain fixed to their positions and having skills far more superior than us but in Europe it is opposite to the Latin American sides. Full of intensity and passes. Thus, their team knows how to play against the teams with different strategies.”

“We are here to play good football as we have good players in different playing positions. We will try to give our best in the field”, he concluded.