5 Talking Points: Chennai City FC Vs Indian Arrows 0

Chennai City FC Vs Indian Arrows

I-League: Chennai City FC Vs Indian Arrows 5 Talking Points

After a nervous start in the opening minutes of the first half, Chennai City FC came from behind to win 4-1 against Indian Arrows yesterday. The heroics of Chennai’s Spaniard Pedro Manzi helped them overcome the stern challenge from the Indian colts. We have churned out the major talking points from the game which shaped the proceedings of the game.

1) Nervous start to the match :

During the initial exchanges of the match, Chennai City players started to misplace numerous passes and played many unnecessary long balls in both flanks and no retention of ball took place in their midfield. RK Praveen of Indian arrows approached the right flank and crossed which led Khabir Thoufiq to make mistake and the captain Amarjit Singh Kiyam scored the opening goal of the game at the second minute of the game. Conceding at the very beginning could have downed the hopes of winning and could totally change their approacb of the game. The manager was not happy about the team’s first half performance.

2) Chennai City’s slow fight back:

As said by the manager in the pre-match press conference, the Spanish players are valuable assets to his club. They started to prove that the manager’s words are true. In the midfield Sandro Rodriguez anchored the central midfield by providing both the flanks with his valuable balls. Along with Sandro his fellow countryman Nestor started to read the style of play of his club and provided a good assist to Pedro Manzi who scored on the thirty second minute of the first half. They took more than 20 minutes to settle down after conceding the quick goal. The first half ended with positive vibration around the arena as Chennai City finished the half in a decent manner, 1-1 as it finished.

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3) Lack of intensity and playmakers:

After the opening period of the game, Indian Arrows were denied good chances due to strong defence shown by Roberto Eslava and Tarif Akhand in centre back positions. The captain Amarjit Singh Kiyam and Praveen were the only two people active throughout the match. The team lacked experience and also was unable to find the counter for Chennai City’s central midfield as it got stronger in the second half when compared to first half of the game. Floyd Pinto’s team clearly lacked the intensity and the passes and the progression with ball diminished as the game progressed. No one tried to show responsibility. Rahim Ali and RL Praveen struggled to get past Ajith Kumar and Edwin Vanspaul.

4) Hat-trick hero Pedro Manzi:

The Spanish players started to showcase their talents as the game moved towards the interval. All the Chennai City attacks started from the back as stated by Akbar Nawas in pre-match press conference to the central midfield where Sandro rodriguez playex the balls to Nestor and he bursted through the opposition defence and provided assists to Pedro Manzi who controlled the ball with his right foot and wisely poked in the back of the net and celebrated with his trademark salute towards the fans. Nestor provided another gem of the ball towards Pedro who controlled the ball with his chest and nodded the ball and finished off with his style as the ball ended again in the back of the net beating Gill.

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Again Nestor came into the scene earning his side a penalty through the mistake done by Ashish Rai who committed a hand ball inside the penalty box. Yet again Pedro Manzi scored with his right foot. A penalty to left side of the post into back of the net as Chennai City sealed the fate of the fixture.

5) Akbar Nawas’ strategy:

It was not a good start to the gaffer conceding quickly right after the kick off, the central midfield area was wide open where Indian Arrows’ Amarjit kKyam had freedom to operate through centre. The game slowly turned against Arrows when Sandro Rodriguez started to command the central midfield along with Gaurav Bora and Michael Regin. The manager came up with tactics in his mind by playing through flanks and crossing the ball towards penalty spot and against the opposition goal keeper, which made Arrows vulnerable. His plan worked comprehensively and Chennai City players started to press through flanks and provide series of threats to Arrows.

As Arrows struggled to defend and stared to fell prey to the gaffer’s plan. Roberto Eslava stood as a rock at the back and the local players also stood firm in the field. In his post-match conference he was not comfortable with his first half performance as it took more than 20 minutes to settle after opening goal anxiety he said, “We were far better in the second half and victory is always sweet”.