ATK Striker Kalu Uche Ruled Out For The Season 0

images 2 - ATK Striker Kalu Uche Ruled Out For The Season

Kalu Uche the Nigerian goal-machine of ATK is ruled out from this season of ISL. The Kolkata based franchise is once again in a tough time as their focal man in offence Kalu will miss the game for three months as he damaged his quadriceps muscle in the match against Bengaluru.

Sources tell that initially the physicians suggested a 5 week break for the Nigerian but the time increased with the injury being serious. From the initiation of this season ATK was lacking in their attacking line up as they were not as much sharp as needed to overcome the oposition’s defence. Firstly, Kalu Uche joined the team late due to VISA isuues. Next he scored overcoming the jet lag but it fell short as he again injured his calf. Now it’s his quadriceps that has gone down evoking questions about the fitness of this striker in his last 30s.

It’s not a new dilemma in the Red and White Brigade as the team has been down with serious injuries in all the seasons of the ISL. It has been a phenomenon for the Kolkata based ISL franchise to loose it’s key players in the most critical time of the tournament. The search for the new man as replacement is already on and the management is trying their best to recover the team. It’s been a harsh start at home for the ATK fans here at Kolkata and this huge injury blow is definitely going to put their hopes further low.

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