Ronaldinho Only Has £5 In His Bank Account 0

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Former Barcelona superstar Ronaldinho and has his passport seized after failing to pay a fine of £1.7m.The 2005 Ballon d’Or winner and his brother Roberto were convicted of illegal contruction in February of 2015 for building on an environmental protection area,the pair were ordered to pay £1.7m (8.5m Brazilian Real)

Ronaldinho,38 so far defaulted on the payments and proved difficult to track down saw him & his brother dragged back to court prompting an investigation into their accounts which revealed a balance of just £5 (24.63 Brazilian Real).

The Rio Grande du Sol court has now ruled that the former Paris Saint Germain and Barcelona forward render his passport when he returns to Brazil from his current travels.
The subjects responsible for the depletion of the environment have long been evading compiance with their legal obligations,even though they have the means to settle it and are public figures with high purchasing power able to compensate for the environmental damages that fully remain damaged.Although photographed routinely in different parts of the world,corroborated by the gathering of Certificates Migratory Movements,the defendants curiously in their country of origin,have an uncertain and/or unknown whereabouts.I determine the immediate seizure of the passports of the defendants by the authorities,with the additional order to include restriction on issuing a new passport until the fulfillment of the obligation determined in the sentence”,read a released statement by Judge Newton Fabrício