“Being Table Toppers Is Good But We Want To Confirm That Position In Future Too..”: Akbar Nawas 0

441259 akbar nawas LS - "Being Table Toppers Is Good But We Want To Confirm That Position In Future Too..": Akbar Nawas

“We have to keep our feet steady in tomorrow’s game despite the winning momentum”, Akbar Nawas, the Chennai City FC Head Coach started his conversation.

The gaffer stated that they are the league leaders but they must not take any opposition easy, they have to focus every opposition player and to keep their feet well in the field to get three points especially from a hard working team like NEROCA. “Tomorrow’s game is a difficult challenge for us; every new game is new challenge for us, the league gets tougher and intensity also increases hence it is necessary to keep our focus in the field on tomorrow game”
Akbar Nawas expects a tough game today having known about the NEROCA FC’s past season in this league and clearly stated that it is not easy to play against the Manipuri side. “NEROCA is not always easy to play as they had a splendid season past season know about this league very well, I expect a tough game tomorrow”

The coach does not want to focus on any player or mark him, “We should keep every opponent player in my mind not only Katsumi Yusa”. He added, “We must keep an eye on all the opposition players”.

The gaffer hinted about Pedro Manzi fitness and stated that he will be doubtful for the game. “In the absence of Pedro other players would want to take responsibility to fill up his boots in his position. Football is not one man game, every individual has to contribute to the game, if some goes out other has to shine in his place, thus player learns and develop”, said the Singaporean.

Nawad r also talked about his four Spanish players doing exceptional in their position and showing versatility in all the position they play. It gives more advantage to us playing in pressure situations. “Roberto Eslava is always a commanding figure in and out of the field. He will take the responsibility of the team in any condition. Eslava will be our leader for tomorrow’s game if Pedro Manzi doesn’t start.”

The Manager added about their new signing of Spanish goalkeeper ahead of custodian Khabir Thoufiq, he responded to critics about Khabir, “He is young, he can elevate himself by seeing experienced goalkeeper and his morale will increase playing besides him in the training”
“The game will be a presuure one for us being table toppers is good but we want to confirm that position in future too, for it we want to be stable throughout the league phase and to produce favourable results for the fans and to the club.”

The weather forecast said that it is going to rain today at Coimbatore but Akbar Nawas was confident ahead of the match and did not give much attention to it saying, “No matter what kind of weather is going to be tomorrow we are going for the three points.”