EXCLUSIVE| ATK’s Pronay Halder Speaks After The Stalemate Against FC Goa 0

IMG 20181129 202643 680x383 - EXCLUSIVE| ATK's Pronay Halder Speaks  After The Stalemate Against FC Goa

Yesterday it may have ended in a stalemate between ATK and Goa at the former’s home turf but it was never a spoiler for the Kolkata based ISL franchise as the ATK fans at last got back their beloved team in the right rhythm they were craving for from the start of the season. The flying tigers got quite a good number of chances against the fibbling FC Goa defence as the Steve Coppell managed side got at least four instances to send the ball to that back of the net. Credit goes to the Superman in mid field Pronay Halder. The India international put on a brilliant show inspite of injuring his nose to bleed at the early quarter of the game. This man kept on being the threat to the opposition till the last minute of the game as he was adjourned the Hero Of the Match.

Pronay Halder spoke exclusively to Talk Sports 24×7 after his ‘Hero of the match’ performance.

TalkSports 24X7:How do you feel after the goalless draw against one of the strongest title contenders of ISL at your home turf?

Pronay: This was a very crucial and important game for our side as we were desperate to win it and we were fair enough to prove it on the ground today. Having this clean sheet against Goa is definitely going to provide us with a lot of momentum for the upcoming match against Chennaiyin FC at their home as we are confident to win it at their den.

● Talk Sports 24X7 :Even after the nose injury you kept your body language and gave your all against a tough Goa attack. What drove you to keep it going?

Pronay : As I told earlier this match was very important and I was determined to perform well. I got the injury, it was paining but I never thought of going off the field as I was deliberate to continue the game cause I knew the team needed to win it. So I was motivated to continue.

TalkSports 24X7:  ATK got back into the right rhythm after a long time. For the fans this draw against a strong team like FC Goa is near equivalent to a win. What’s your take on it?

Pronay : From the first day we respect all the teams of ISL but we fear none as we know the team’s potential. We did take a bit of time to be on the rhythm. But I am very happy about yesterday’s performance as we are improving as a team day by day. It hurts a bit as we couldn’t win the game in spite of playing the better game. But we are confident and focused for the best in the next game.

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TalkSports 24X7: The most reliable midfielder of Steve Coppell is now booked with four yellow cards and is set to miss one match when the team is at the most important stage of the league. How much crucial can it be?

Pronay : Football is not an individual game rather it’s a team game. So I don’t think my absence will be very crucial as we have options to fill in.

TalkSports 24X7: What’s the message from the “Hero Of the Match” to the ATK fans?

○ Pronay: Always support the team and fill the stadium in numbers. You are the reason we play the game you are the source of motivation for us. So keep supporting us!

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