Michael Clarke Slams Journalists! 0

Michael Clarke Slams Journalists!

Though The Pup never really lost his cool on the field in his delightful career but he did snapped on Social media after a journalist blammed him for the Ball-tampering story.

Former Australia captain Michael Clarke slammed journalist Gerard Whateley on Wednesday, calling him “nothing more than a headline-chasing coward”.

Clarke’s remarks came after the journalist, on his radio show on SEN, called the former batsman a “great climate denier” and blamed him for not being able to understand the problem in Australian cricket.

The journalist’s remarks came after Clarke slammed Australia’s non-aggression pact in a radio interview on Tuesday.

In a tweet, Clarke said that the current world no. 1 team, is not playing to be liked, but to be respected. “Finally, Mr. Wheatley, if you think that the current No 1 team in the world of cricket right now puts being liked as of higher importance than being respected and playing to win inside the rules of our game, then you’re as delirious as you are ill-informed,” Clarke said.

The former batsman slammed the journalist for trying to insinuate that he was at “fault” for the ball tampering episode. “I refer to your  radio piece today where you attacked my leadership, my integrity, my opinion on Australian Cricket needing to play tough but fair cricket and your statement that the ball tampering issue of earlier this year (some three years after my retirement) was my fault,” he said.

Clarke further went on to list a few facts. He said that he took Australia from the No. 5 position to the highest-ranked team within 18 months in the longest format, and added that he always played by the rules of the sport. “In the process of getting to number 1, I played to win, but played by the rules of the game and to a similar level of aggression to the other international teams I played against,” he wrote.