Cricket Australia Finding New Ways To Ruin The Tradition Of The Game Of Cricket 0

Cricket Australia Finding New Ways To Ruin The Tradition Of The Game Of Cricket

Cricket- A gentleman’s game played by eleven brilliant athletes from each of the two sides and cheered by eleven billion brilliant minds. The traditional game of cricket has always been fascinating and attracting the crowd ever since, all thanks to England for inventing this beautiful game of cricket.

The sight of a fast bowler steaming in with red Kookaburra in his hands and the ball whizzing past the outside edge and a batsman hitting a cover-drive piercing the gap between mid-off and covers has alwyas left cricket lovers in awe of the game. However, with the invent of shorter formats of the game- T20 cricket to be precise has ruined the fun of watching traditional day cricket. Yes, the shorter format of the game attracts a lot of attention for obvious reasons but it is doing more bane than boon to the world of cricket. The money flowing into the game is forcing cricket boards to invent weird rules and weird formats to make things exciting.

With a major chunk of international tests getting wrapped up in less than five days, the old beauty of watching test cricket is long gone.
The invent of t-20 cricket took away the term “resilience” from the cricketers dictionary, to add to the woes are the “T-10” format and the “100 ball” format. The less spoken about the above mentioned formats it’s that better. They have completely ruined the beauty of traditional game of cricket.

Now, Cricket Australia is about to come up with a new plan to remove the coin toss and bring in an uncanny rule (to be used in the Big Bash League) called “bat-flip” which as the name suggests flipping the bat instead of the coin. The captains will choose “Hills”(the backside of the bat) or “Flats” (the front part of the bat). The bat flip is widely used in the backyard cricket in Australia and to bring it to the international arena is ironical. Cricket Australia say that a modified bat will be used for the pre-match flip. A bat is often respected by the players and to flip it and decide is poignant.