Chennai City Gaffer Akbar Nawas Taking Real Kashmir Seriously Ahead Of Today’s Clash 0

441259 akbar nawas LS - Chennai City Gaffer Akbar Nawas Taking Real Kashmir Seriously Ahead Of Today's Clash

Akbar Nawas and his team had set their sights towards I-League trophy and are slowly marching towards the right direction. Every player is giving exceptional performances in every position of the game and they have turned more solid showing incredible performances in Coimbatore.

On the next fixture Chennai City FC are going to play a renovated side of Real Kashmir in the formers home turf. The visiting snow leopards will not give any easy game to Chennai City FC. They have shown the reason to belong to this league with massive results in last four games.

“For me Real Kashmir is not playing like a debutant team, they have a solid squad now and all are performing very well. It clearly shows that they are not a mere second division side promoted to play first division, they have found their own style and are playing according to it and their recent run of games shows it clearly”, said Akbar Nawas.

The gaffer clearly insisted on the good communication that his team bears and praised all the players and coaching staffs for their fantastic relationships which according to him is, “One of the most important reasos why we are on the top of the table, every local raw talent is merged with the foreign players and the players are able to read themselves in the field which gives me less job to do on the field.”

Chennai City FC is playing in their own style which depicts Akbar Nawas along with his tactics and strategies leading from the the side lines in every game;the head coach always says “That we are here to compete every game and go for the 3 points despite any kind of opposition”.

With Charles Anandraj injured in the past week against Minerva, he will be out for 3 weeks; he will be missed by his team playing rock at the defensive position of the field, to his replacement Mashoor Sherif will be there to hold the opposition midfield with his magnificent presence in the defensive midfield

All Spanish outfits are performing very well and Pedro Manzi has dropped his form quite a bit, but he will be the mark man for the Snow Leopards, if they provide just a little room to run he will punish them mercilessly, but Kashmir based side has quite string defence which will be hard for Chennai city attacking half to throw bodies upfront.