Major WWE Talents Reportedly Requesting Their Releases 0


The wrestling World is currently in a boom period. WWE runs four weekly shows and holds periodic special events, while boasting a century plus list of premier prowrestlers in their roster.

The very popular New Japan Pro Wrestling and other Japanese promotions serve as important serving points of prowrestlers all over the world, a place where wrestlers turn into technical masters before they eventually return to their home nation. The Independent circuit is blooming, and hundreds of promotion across the work are creating exceptional pro-wrestlers who are raising the bar for standards in modern day wrestling matches.

Among all these impressive promotions all across the continents, AEW, short for ‘All Elite Wrestling’ is the hottest topic in the community. The brainchild of their name-twin ‘The Elite’, the AEW wave is crushing into shores of every promotion, with a seeming intention of driving away talents when they return. Owned by sports entrepreneur Shahid Khan and presided by his son Tony Khan, AEW seems to be immune to the budget problems of modern day wrestling promotions, as confirmed by their extensive pyro display in their debut rally.

WWE is long infamous for the hysteric booking of their wrestlers. While someone like Jinder Mahal suddenly gets a push to become the WWE Champion, capable veterans like Mr Perfect and Cesaro never reaches the proverbial brass ring. AEW attempts to use the sense of discomfort in WWE into their own advantage, luring wrestlers away with bucks and creative freedom.

According to reports from PWInsider and Dave Meltzer, among others, Zack Ryder, Tyler Breeze, The Revival, Mike and Maria Kanellis and Goldust have requested their release from the company. The only wrestlers to falsify the reports are the Kanellis couple, as Maria rejected the truthfulness of the rumours for directly in social media.

Interestingly, Goldust is the brother of AEW’s Executive Vice-president Cody Rhodes, and The Revival shocked hardcore fans with #FTR tights. AEW will go live this May, with their show “Double Or Nothing”, featuring members of The Elite, PAC and Chris Jericho, among others.