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Dissecting Jose Mourinho’s time at the hot seat for Manchester United in his problematic 2.5 years tenure, which ended in the last month of the yesteryear, after spells of misfortune and plighted results. The gaffer managed a total of 144 games with the reds, where he boasts of 84 wins, which mark his amusing 58.3% of winning.

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The manager has recently joined BeIn Sports as a Football pundit for the ongoing Asian Cup, where he had several claims and discussions regarding his time with the Red Devils. He claimed, “First of all I’m happy with these three weeks, I’m happy with this experience. I’m going to have other experiences that normally I cannot have. But I know me and I know that by the end of March I am struggling a little bit with my happiness. ”

The manager revealed that he has already been contacted by three clubs which he refused to disclose as he wanted to wait till the right time before proclaiming any stories.

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Talking about things at Manchester United, the gaffer had an interesting winning percentage, but, on the other hand, Manchester United hit the worst start since 1990 as they had 26 points from 19 games under him.

It is believed that in the Premier League, the top managers must have an average winning rate of 2 points per game. The best in the industry like Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola, Mauricio Pochetinno all have an intriguing average of 2 points or above in the last three editions, whereas, Mourinho fell down the graph in his opening and the concluding season. It is speculated as one of the major factors for Ed Woodward to relieve him from his managerial duties. The others were failing to have a happy dressing room, lack of player management and maintaining the attacking philosophy which the squad is adhered to.

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Mourinho flashed a total of $400 million buying 11 players who probably didn’t fit his philosophy of ‘parking the bus’ which raised concerns among fans and the management. Though, on air, the man himself told that “The record of Spanish football was not Barcelona, it was Real Madrid. The manager of Real Madrid was ‘the defensive guy’ that beat all the records. We won against every team home and away.” as he preserved his faith in defensive football. Albeit, the manager has been very successful with his outlook, things didn’t fall in place in Manchester.

The former Manchester United manager is rumoured to be linked with his old clubs in Real Madrid and Inter Milan. He is also hearsay to be linked with the Portuguese National team. But, as he said, “I know my nature. My next move? I don’t know. It depends. I will analyse things. I don’t like to speak about it, but I have refused already three options. Because I didn’t feel it was what I want. So I’m going to be calm in this aspect. The more time I have the better I can prepare.” A chapter yet remains to be read as the 55-year-old man continues to write the ongoing page as a Pundit in BeIn Sports!