IFA Surprises Bengal Football With Their New Initiative 0

IMG 20190123 WA0005 - IFA Surprises Bengal Football With Their New Initiative

It was a shameful day for all nursery coaches and mentors of Bengal football. IFA Secretary Utpal Ganguly maintained a strict attitude against age-frauds in sub-junior levels of Bengal football. Dr. S.R. Dasgupta, who is responsible for all affairs at IFA’s Medical Council’s proposed IFA to apply TW3 test to check age-frauds at sub-junior levels in football, as used in BCCI. In TW3 test, a X-Ray of the right hand of the footballer is done, and with the help of a software, the age is determined. BCCI has been successful to catch age-frauds via this system. ATK proposed IFA to use that system to catch age-frauds and the federation has shown a green signal to them by applying TW3 tests.

After the application of TW3 tests, it has been found that only 16 out of 40 players of Mohun Bagan AC, and 7 out of 40 players of Mohammedan SC are below 13.

Quess East Bengal were suspended during application for entry in I-League U-13 procedure. After the ban was over, IFA invited them to apply for entry and awarded them a three day time period until the entry window will be closed, but they have been lenient and not applied for entry in U-13 I-League. The Red and Golds did apply for entry in U-15 I-League. The TW3 reports of few players have been received, and they will get a confirmation only after the final reports are available.

AIFF CEO Sunanda Dhar stated on Monday “Mohun Bagan has passed the result for U-15 I-League. Few of their players who have been caught as above 13, will be allowed to play in the U-15 I-League. Mohammedan, on the other hand has very bad TW3 reports both for U-13 and U-15 I-League; so they have been disqualified for participating from both the leagues.”

ATK club officials have also suffered the same problem and have decided to play some of the players who failed TW3 tests in U-13 age category, in U-15 I-League.

Not just majors like East Bengal, Mohun Bagan, Mohammedan or ATK, minors like NBP Rainbow AC, United Sports SC and Baranagar Sporting have suffered the exact same. Only 12 out of 30 players from Baranagar Sporting have cleared the TW3 test, and there are still 10 to be sent for. They will be allowed only if 8 out of those rest 10 clears the test. 18 out of 40 players have failed the test for Rainbow AC; they will be playing in the U-15 I-League. Some players of United Sports Club have also failed the test.

This is the first initiative to develop grass root football in Bengal even more, and hopefully there will be further more actions in the future to see to that there are no more frauds in any age-groups in football.