Kerala Groom Asks ‘Five Minutes’ From Bride, Leaves Marriage To Play 7s Football! 3

evens football in Malappuram

We have heard people going to severe extents for their passion for football. It includes from skipping exams to forgetting important meeting or family programme but a man from the ‘God’s own country’ has done something which many people on the Earth would not dare or may even not think to do.

The story is of a man named Ridvan, a player of FIFA Manjeri, a team in Malappuram 7s league, which is on it’s way to attain cult status in near future.

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On his wedding night, the FIFA Manjeri defender probably had to take the toughest decision of his life. He had to choose one between his marriage ceremony which was ongoing or football as his side FIFA Manjeri needed him in their defence in a 7s match. Although, to most of us the decision will be obvious ie. preferring the marriage ceremony, to Ridvan there was only one option and it was not mainstream. He said to his bride, “Excuse me for five minutes!” and rushed onto the 7s match!

Fortunately, his team won the match and he played an integral part behind that win but back in his home everything was not going smooth as the bride and her family were deeply annoyed at Ridvan’s actions.

The bride was surprised that his would-be-husband picked a ‘random football match’ over the marriage ceremony as she asked him,”So if the game was at noon, would you cancel the marriage for the game?”

Nobody knows how Ridvan handled the hostile situation which was self-imposed by him but for the time being he has again established the fact that men and football are inseperable especially if he belongs to Kerala!