Seth Rollins : The New Face That Runs The Place 0

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It has been almost 3 years since we saw Seth Rollins return after his knee injury and he did it with a kick. WWE had clearly made it official about their ‘face of the industry’ views and it was none other than the ‘Big Dog’ Roman Reigns. Rollins was one of the best heels in the company and returning after an injury he turned babyface overnight. For this, he must be thankful to Reigns as his character was not liked by all.

He made his return at a moment where Reigns was amidst a lot of heat. However, WWE had its ground fixed on making the ‘Big Dog’ Roman Reigns as the face. Now fast forwarding to right now. Seth Rollins is the most loved WWE Superstar. He is all set to face the ‘Beast’ Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 35 and the fans are going haywire about this.

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For those who don’t know. Rollins won this year’s Men’s Royal Rumble event and he chose to have a showdown with the beast following the onslaught on RAW.

In the middle of this, a lot befell. The Shield which had reunited recently was broke, thanks to Ambrose. Roman waived his Universal Championship after being diagnosed with Leukemia. The Big Dog returns and gets the crowd to cheer for him again but, fails gravely to take away what the Architect had made with his fans.

Who knew Seth Rollins would be the face of the company? 3 years ago he was the most despised superstar for his treacherous act of breaking the Shield and now with or without the Shield, he is getting the appreciation that even Cena couldn’t. Obviously, there is a reason for that. He has merited it all. He works extremely hard and is fully devoted to wrestling. If you check out his Instagram you’ll find more gym pictures than photos of the Architect himself.

The company is yet to make an official move to let the fans know that he is the face that runs the place now. However, with Reigns returning once again, the company’s motive might be otherwise. Despite having the Big Dog back in the yard, the fans are already seeing Rollins represent the company in the near future.

According to me, Seth deserves it all. If you ask me, then he is the only wrestler who has it all to lead the company’s name through a brighter spot. Although not official, after WrestleMania 35 Rollins is most likely to become the face of the company.