Top 5 Talking Points Of WrestleMania 35 0

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The concluding night of the Wrestling week was surely too long as WWE superstars gave their all at METLIFE Stadium amidst more than 80,000 fans.


Sunday Night proved to be a dream come true for New Day’s Kofi Kingston as he bested the “Eco-friendly” Champion Daniel Bryan. Kofi overcame all odds and gave his all to make sure that the efforts of his New Day Brethren doesn’t get wasted.

The celebration continued with Kofi’s two sons embracing their father in the ring and holding his newly-won title up for the WWE Universe to see.


The Kingslayer officially earned the moniker of The Beast Slayer, when he pinned the BEAST Brock Lesnar at WM35 and freed the Universal Title from his clutches.

Brock Lesnar sure surprised Seth Rollins and the fans at Metlife Stadium when he changed the schedule for his match and decided to open the show with his match but the Architect was ready for everything.
It took just 3 Curb Stomps and a low blow to pin Brock Lesnar and burned down the Suplex City!!


With 80,000-plus cheering him on, The Phenomenal One conquered Randy Orton who, for several weeks, has claimed to be the rightful standard-bearer of Team Blue as a 17-year WWE veteran.

The leader of team blue proved once again why he is called the Phenomenal One when, he countered a RKO and nailed Randy with a Phenomenal Forearm to register his first victory against the Predator. AJ Styles continues to lengthen his list of accomplishments in WWE as not everyone in this business can claim to Kickout of a RKO and pin the Predator.


The Cerebral Assassin and The Animal gave their all at Wrestlemania in an epic and a highly physical encounter. ‘The Game’ was fighting for the honor of his mentor and Batista was being driven by his rage against the King of Kings.

Triple H made sure to deliver double the pain suffered by Ric Flair and The Animal didn’t stay behind too. Both the superstars used every instrument to inflict pain upon his opponent which included Sledgehammer, Steel Steps, Screw Driver etc. But in the end it was Triple H who beat Batista though with some assistance from Ric Flair who distracted his opponent and made sure he for deliverance of a devastating Pedigree!!


Becky Lynch knocked down every barrier put in her way to become the first woman to win a WrestleMania main event, the first woman to pin Ronda Rousey, and the first woman to hold the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships at the same time in the historic, Winner Take All main event of WrestleMania 35.

The MAN has been on momentum ever since she turned upon her friend Charlotte Flair at last year’s Summerslam and hasn’t looked back ever since. Not many are able to turn the tide of the Momentum into a landslide of stardom but Becky has been successful in going that.
Where is she headed after this?