Major Talking Points Of The Santosh Trophy Final 0

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Services become the champions of Santosh Trophy, pledges to defend it

The Services became the champions of the 73rd Santosh Trophy defeating Punjab at their den with 0-1 on the score board. In a season, where the favourites Bengal got knocked out early, these two teams showed their strength by making it to the finals of the prestigious competition.

● Services won their 6th Santosh Trophy

D4ramIVXsAEIYbS - Major Talking Points Of The Santosh Trophy Final The deadlock was not broken till the 61st minute of the matcb when Bikash Thapa scored the only goal of the final and broke the deadlock as Lallawkima assisted with a square pass. That sole goal was enough to see Services through and they lifted the Santosh Trophy for the sixth time.

● Lack of striking options for Punjab:

Punjab got a lot of chances from set pieces but they failed to convert them in to fruit as the Services goalkeeper was in form to deny the ball every time it tried to hit the net. It is the 7th time Punjab became the runners up in Santosh Trophy as they bagged the Kamla Gupta Trophy.

● Tactical superiority wins the title :

On the other hand it was a dominating game with a lot of possession for Services gaffer Parshuram Salwadi, as he succeeded to be on the winning side today. The man seemed proud of his terrific players as he told, “It is proved now that we can beat any team in the Santosh Trophy as we wish to defend the title in the coming season.” Services have defended the title twice in the past. So it is the time which will answer whether history will repeat itself or not in the near future!
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