Why Roman Reigns Moved To The ‘B SHOW’ !? 0

Roman Reigns

WWE fans all over the world were amazed when they saw The Big Dog stepping out into the blue brand. Now every ardent WWE fan knows the favoritism shown by WWE when It comes to brand. The Red Brand gets all the Main-Events, Elitism and even Survivor Series wins. Then the move of getting the current money printing man to Smackdown Live surely confused a lot of people who thought Roman Reigns would be kept back on the ‘A’ show as he is surely the biggest draw among the current crop of New superstars.

Why was Roman Moved to SDL –

As you might know the deal between WWE and fox which was finalised last year for airing contracts of Smackdown Live on to FOX network from 4th October, 2019.

Now It was reported earlier that Officials from FOX wants considerably good TV ratings from the Blue Brand of WWE and ratings have seldom been friends with the B show.

So It was probably due to this that Roman Reigns was moved from RAW to SDL as he surely will boost the ratings of his new brand.

Since the Brand Split he has played the pivotal role in the Red Brand and has always played a deciding card in the war of ratings between the two brands.