EXCLUSIVE| ATK Captain Manuel Lanzarote Speaks After Habas’ Arrival 0

Manuel Lanzarote 2 680x453 - EXCLUSIVE| ATK Captain Manuel Lanzarote Speaks After Habas' Arrival

Manuel Lanzarote of ATK Speaks on their new Coach Antonio López Habas

After Talk Sports 24X7 first spoke to Antonio López Habas and confirmed his arrival in India, it’s now official as ATK has declared the Spaniard as their new head coach for the coming season.

Now Talk Sports 24×7 has got the exclusive reaction of ATK captain Manuel Lanzarote on their new coach.

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Lanza seemed very hopeful and confident about the “Old Boss” as he said, “He had been a successful coach in the past for ATK and has made the club the champions, the people in charge have decided him as our coach and I am very happy and hopeful of having a successful season under him”.

The Spanish play maker is already pumped up for the next season as he told “We expect to grow as a club so that we can compete in the best way in the coming season and can put a good fight as we are desperate to earn the playoff spot next season”, when asked about his expectations on the next season.

Manuel Lanzarote - EXCLUSIVE| ATK Captain Manuel Lanzarote Speaks After Habas' Arrival

On the other hand Lanza turned quite sound and proud about the future with ATK as he shared his long wish, “We here at the team want ATK being the future of Indian Football”. The retention of Lanza-Edu-Johnson trio by the Kolkata based ISL franchise thus seems one of the master strokes of this long run in future.

ATK has been quite desperate in building a championship deserving configuration back in their team as they are in a mission to gain back their pride. It’s the time which will answer whether the Flying Tigers can taste the honey in the coming season or not and can fulfill the steps towards their long wish and the coach-captain duo of Lanzarote and Habas will need to play an crucial to make that happen.

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