Why WWE Is In Trouble With The FOX Deal? 0


With great power comes greater responsibility. No we aren’t talking about MCU movies but of the current situation of WWE with its new TV deal.

Not a day has been passed when WWE loyalists have not bragged about the Billion dollar deal with FOX after its announcement last year but only some knew what the deal had more to offer to the Sports entertainment company. The rumors were already surfacing of FOX demanding bolder changes to WWE product even before the deal to officially start and that was the basic reason why creative are thinking to make the blue-brand more sports-oriented and lesser dramatic TV spots.

According to a report from WON, FOX has demanded 3 million weekly rating from WWE which surely looks difficult from current stagnant situation of the company. Even the dominant Red brand is facing a crisis of ratings shortage. Two weeks, RAW gained a historic low for the third hour of a 1.898 million viewers. Now Its not hidden from anyone that prowrestling surely has lost the mainstream attraction in US and it will surely be a challenge for WWE to give satisfactory ratings to FOX.