Reason Behind Brock Lesnar Winning The MITB 0

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Fans watching MONEY IN THE BANK PPV were enjoying the main event  thoroughly and everything was just running smooth. Mustafa “Ali” was about to win the hanging briefcase but then suddenly he stood on top of the ladder Frozen after hearing the terrific entrance music of the BEAST and seeing him marching down the ring. Before Ali could understand anything, Brock threw him away with the ladder and in no time climbed with an another ladder and won the much valued briefcase of destiny.

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Photo by WWE

This move by WWE came as  unpredictable and surprising for both the fans and Wrestling experts!!

The internet had mixed reactions with some  fans criticizing WWE to bring lesnar again in the title scene while the others applauded WWE for their unpredictability. But the question still remains why Brock was chosen as the winner for MITB as even was eligible for a rematch for the Universal title.

Everyone is aware as of how both premium brands of WWE have been lagging in ratings since WM.

Last week’s RAW drew an average of 2.349 million viewers  according to a report by After the departure of John Cena, only Brock Lesnar is right now the legit star who has a mainstream appeal and will surely bring the numbers on TV