All You Need To Know About The Faceoff Between ‘The Viper’ And ‘Hunter’ 0


The WWE event in Jeddah will see the heavyweights like Goldberg Undertaker, HHH vs Randy orton and a 50 men battle royal.

Memories were refreshed when WWE announced that HHH will be taking on Randy orton at WWE Super Showdown in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. For RA era fans this is a dream come true once again.

Triple H and Randy orton have their roots together since a long time before as they both were members of the legendary stable, “The Evolution” which had Bautista and the legend himself known as Ric Flair. The grand rivalry began when Evolution led by HHH, betrayed Randy after he became the youngest WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Since then, Viper and Hunter have always been in the opposite corners of a Wrestling ring. This combustible feud seemed endless and engulfed everyone who tried to interfere. Their rivalry was a shining hope of light in the PG era which included every bit of tantalizing and agonizing moments, after all none can forget when Triple H barged into Randy’s house with a freakin sledgehammer!!

This rivalry of titans could surely help WWE, which is currently under a ratings crisis as the declining viewership continues to make records.