Why WWE Needs To Drop The Ball With The Senior Superstars 0

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Last friday, WWE hosted a mega event yet again in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The mega wrestling event received better responses than the previous Saudi events due to some spectacular matches but It also came up with a red-warning to Vince McMahon.

WWE yet again organised a lustrous event in Saudi Arabia and apparently this time with better wrestling in it but fans were highly disappointed with the main event, which was supposed to be a “CLASH OF THE AGES” between the Undertaker and Goldberg. The match became pain to the eyes as it progressed. Both wrestlers looked sloppy and worn out, especially Goldberg who botched many moves. According to sources the match was supposed to run 20 minutes but was cut down by Referee as signalled by Vince because no one seemed to be liking the match in the backstage either.

It is also being highly rumoured that Taker and Goldberg had an altercation backstage which surely would have made the matters worse. The Phenom is surely not expected to retire but this might would have been the last match of Goldberg.

The social media was flooded with negative responses from fans that this is the right time for superstars to retire as both had hit their 50s and have nothing more to achieve in this business. It is also high time for WWE to show some more faith in new talent rather than investing in senior stars who are already out of their primes.