The Viral Photo Of Brock Lesnar’s Son Is Fake! 0

IMG 20190717 WA0021 680x439 - The Viral Photo Of Brock Lesnar's Son Is Fake!

For the past few days a photo has been viral and various Media outlets reported it as Brock Lesnar’s son. Though new investigation suggests that picture which went viral isn’t of Luke Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar right now is the epitome of Pro Wrestling success after he cashed in his MITB on Seth Rollins in Extreme Rules and became a 3× Universal Champion. Now ever since Extreme Rules a photo has been viral of a 17 year old teen who looks quite “Hulked up”.

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The picture from Instagram account “LukeBlesnar” went viral like a fire in the woods. The account posted twice. A family photo from years ago which declared an appreciation for old Dad and a declaration to enter into the family business, and one of a rather shredded and muscled up looking young bloke posing in a gym locker room that everyone reported as WWE performance center.

As the matter was being pursued by various media outlets, the account LukeBlesnar disappeared. TalkSports 24×7 investigated and discovered that the photo used by the account was actually taken from the account of Bryce Winkelmann(on Instagram), a former US college soccer player.

IMG 20190717 WA0020 680x263 - The Viral Photo Of Brock Lesnar's Son Is Fake!

Though Bryce Winkelmann has some good muscles and surely he too seemed to enjoy his time as being Brock Lesnar’s son but he isn’t actually because amidst of glory the beast loves to keep a shade on his family.