Gokulam Kerala FC To Play Charity Match In Malappuram 0

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Gokulam Kerala FC will play a charity match against Ajmal Bismi SAT, a club based in Tirur in Malappuram, on October 12 to help three brothers, who have lost their house in the floods happened in Nilambur, Malappuram.
The football match is organised by Malappuram District Football Fraternity and will be held at Kottappady Football Stadium in Malappuram at 4 PM on Saturday.
“Several people in north Kerala were affected by the floods this year. We as a football team need to help the community and this is a small gesture from Gokulam Kerala FC. The match is an opportunity for us to connect to the community and show our solidarity towards them. We hope more people will come to watch us and help the family, who are in need,” said Gokulam Gopalan, the chairman of the club.
“When we heard about these brothers, who lost their house due to floods, we thought we could help them. Football is the number one sport and if we could collect a decent amount of money, it would be a great help for the family,” said Malappuram district police chief U Abdul Kareem IPS, the chief patron of Malappuram District Football Fraternity.
“We are planning to build an 850 sq ft-house. The total cost is estimated to be at least Rs 9.5 lakh for the house. We have already made the plan for the house,” said Ashique Kainikkara, coordinator of the match.

About the three brothers

Mohammed Ashique, Mohammed Roshan and Mohammed Ramees lost their house situated in Janathapady in Nilambur during the floods that ravaged the place this year. Their house was completely damaged in the floods and they had to move out to a rented house in Chandakkunnu. The three are from a financially poor family and their father, who is a carpenter, is the sole breadwinner.
Mohammed Ashique and Roshan are degree students while younger brother Ramees is in plus two.