“I Don’t Believe In Luck”: Antonio Lopez Habas 0

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ATK gaffer Antonio Lopez Habas was found emotional at the press conference as he revealed he has a special space for this city and for this team and this is one of the reasons he is back to kolkata.

The Kolkata based Indian Super League side ATKFC scheduled their pre-match press conference on 17th October as they are going to take on Kerala Blasters FC tomorrow days in an away match at Kochi.

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Habas is not ready to think about trophy from the first match and when he was asked about his target this season he answered in third person saying, “He wants to win his very first match and he wants to think one by one”. He also denied to think about his past success as he refused to compare his present team with the team he made champion in 2014. The Spaniard said, “For me, my team is the best”. But he also told that he respects every team and admits that every team has that ability to win the trophy. He once again confirmed he will emphasize on his balanced football as he said before. Assistant Coach Sanjoy Sen also backed him with a statement that their principal motive is to score goals without conceding. When he was asked about foreign players he confirmed TalkSports 24×7 that they finalised their seven foreign players and Dario Vidosic failed to find his place in the final squad as he has an injury.

He firmly cleared in a statement that he is not one of them who believes in luck factor. Habas said, “I don’t believe in luck. Luck depends on many factors and I believe in training factor”.

Clinching his coach’s words, one of the key players David Williams also did not want to remember ATK’s past failure in last two seasons. He said they want a fresh start this season and they will only focus on matches. He also told TalkSports24X7 that under the coaching of Habas they have had a great pre-season and he thinks they have a strong enough squad to do well this season. According to the former Wellington Phoenix ace not only foreign players but Indian players are very hard working and he always tries to share his experience with local players.

When Williams was enquired if Roy Krishna convinced him to set sails for India, the Aussie international after a moment of incoherence said, “We had some ideas and we are very good friends as well. In Wellington we always spoke about our futures but obviously I came on my choice”. He also added, “Now we are working up. We know each other very well, on and off the pitch and this will give up success not only as individuals but also as a team”. He also shared with TalkSports 24X7 his experience about indian football as he was present on the India vs Bangladesh match and said he was very much impressed with the crowd and atmosphere.

Captain Pritam Kotal and one of the senior players Pronay Halder were also present at the press conference. They expressed their love for this city and told they would love to be playing in this city as this is their home city. They also told that they want to make this ISL as a path to come back to the national team.

ATK took off from Kolkata to Kochi yesterday as they will start their ISL campaign with a match against their old rivals Kerala Blasters at their den on 20th october at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.