5 Talking Points Of ATK V Hyderabad FC Match 0

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The two time ISL champions ATK were back in action in the ISL after their loss at Kochi against Kerala Blasters, thrashing Hyderabad FC 5-0 at their den.

TalkSport 24×7 analysed the match and churned out five main talking points from the match.

1) Krishna & David duo clicks :

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Former Wellington Phoenix stars Roy Krishna and David Williams reached their expectation and showed their class at their home match after a frustrating loss against Kerala last Sunday as both of them scored against the debutants Hyderabad FC. Specially David Williams was in his top form, scoring a brace in the first half. On 24th minute of the game he broke the deadlock with a trademark solo run from right and made a brilliant placement. A few minutes later David got the ball on the left and he found Roy at top edge of the box and he didn’t do any mistake to roll the ball into the net. David got his second just before the half time and made it 3-0 to seal the win. If ATK has to attain anything positive from this campaign then this due remaining atleast near their peak will be an utmost necessity.

2) Poor defensive organization of Hyderabad FC :

Hyderabad FC defence looked rudderless throughout the match and the two time ISL winners ATK didn’t want to miss that chance. The visitors were pinned in their half from the start of the match. The defence never looked in touch, lot of miss passes from the visitors and lack of communication between the defenders made the game easy for ATK. Almost every time David Williams or Roy Krishna got the ball, the backline failed to stop them and allowed them to take shots. There were no communication between midfield and defence and the gap between the players created a pore in the defence line. However in the second half Hydrabad slightly tried to make a come back in the game but the visitors were in no mood to break down.

3)Perfect balanced football from ATK:

Antonio Lopez Habas kept his promise as he made a perfect example of balanced football for his team. He fielded his team with a 3-5-1-1 formation and made one change from the Kerala match. As expected Pronay failed to find his place in the first eleven. However he was fielded as substitute in place of Jayesh Rane in the 58th minute. Soosairaj was used in his right place as he played as a left winger in this match.

ATK shined in every section yesterday, from defence to upfront they put forth an impressive performance. The debutants didn’t get any chance to create any opportunity in ATK’s half because of the rock solid defence as it never seemed ATK could concede. On the other side the attacking section was ruthless yesterday. David and Krishna stampeded Hyderabad’s defence and Edu Garcia nailed the last pin for ATK.

4)Lack of preparation in Hyderabad FC side:

The debutants was never in the game and it seemed they didn’t undergo a proper pre-season campaign. There was no communication between theplayers. The midfield and defence failed to supply the ball to the front line. The new ISL franchise from Hyderabad was a matter of doubt from the start of the season. After FC Pune city decided to terminate their franchise, Hyderabad FC got a chance to enter the tournament almost like a mirror image of their previous self. Even when the fixture was unveiled to the public it was FC Pune city in the charts. In this period of doubt the team was not provided a proper pre-season before the start of the tournament. However Hyderabad coach denied this when TalkSport 24×7 asked him on this saying that they have had adequate time together which was not evident on the field. The coach told they have had good pre-season and took all the blame on his shoulder.

5) Edu Garcia,The dark horse:

Edu Garcia stepped into the game at 70th minute replacing Javi Hernandez. It seems Habas would use him as a substitute option in the rest of the season. Along with David Williams he scored a brace to extend the lead. He scored his first goal at the 88th minute of the game with a scintillated shot from the box. In the extra time Prabir Das crossed a ball in the far post and Edu just guided the ball into the net with a brilliant header. Garcia was someone who was on the verge of being axed ahead of this season but he may well prove to be the ‘Super-sub’ of Antonio Lopez Habas throughout the season.