Jorge Costa Confident On His Indian Backline To Halt Goa’s Invasion 0

IMG 20191107 WA0002 680x383 - Jorge Costa Confident On His Indian Backline To Halt Goa's Invasion

Before the match against giants FC Goa, Jorge Costa backed his all Indian defense lineup in the pre-match press conference. When Costa was asked about injury of his only foreign defender Mato Grgic and what is his view on his all Indian backline, he asked the reporter, “Are you Indian? And don’t you think Indian players have quality? I don’t care if the players are Portugese, Spanish, Indian or Italian. What I want is that all of them have quality.”

After their horrific 2-4 loss in the last game to Odisha FC at home, the Portugese coach seemed to be a bit disappointed. Talking about missing qualities in the last match he said, “I went home and watched the match three times and analyzed. Yes, we didn’t have luck but we didn’t do well in the first 45 minutes either. When you don’t perform well in the first half of the game, you don’t deserve anything more than losing the game. I have spoken to our players and told them that they can’t repeat the same mistakes.”

The injuries remain, the matter of concern for MCFC, as Rowlin Borges and Mato Grgic are still not available. Costa commented, “I don’t know about Rowlin, may he return soon, but for now I’m happy with all my players.”

Mumbai’s history with Goa is a bit in Goa’s favour, so Jorge opened up his difficulties by saying that, “Last season was difficult, they always give us a tough fight. But we know how to recover and perform. Not expecting an easy game, we respect them and they also respect us.”

When discussing about their loss against Odisha, Mumbai City FC player Mohammed Rafique said, “After the loss we stayed like a family, because our team is a family even if we lose or win. We had no luck that day and the mistakes are rectified.”

Costa continued on this topic and said, “The players know their mistakes; they need to stay focus on the ground. They know what to do and what problems to focus on”. He signs off by commenting that he won’t give excuses after today’s match and it’s his job to make sure the best XI plays and make up a good game.