5 Talking Points Of ATK Vs Jamshedpur Match 0

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ATK climbed to the top of the table again as they registered their third win in a row against an unbeaten Jamshedpur FC by 3-1 in a home match at Yuba Bharati Krirangan, Kolkata. Fiji International Roy Krishna scored a brace and an extra time goal at 94th minute from super sub Edu sealed their win.

Talk Sports 24×7 analysed the game and have highlighted five main talking points from the match.

1) Three penalties in one game :

After a goalless first half there were a total of four goals scored in the match and three of them were from the penalty spot. From the beginning of the second half Krishna and Williams kept pressing the Jamshedpur defence whenever they got the ball. Jamshedpur defence seemed a little bit drowsy today and the duo didn’t want to miss that odds.

At 54′ Williams got the ball in the middle before he passed it to Roy Krishna who made a solo run to the box but Tiri brought him down with a bad challenge which prompted the referee to award a penalty to the home side. Krishna sent the Jamshedpur goalie Subrata Paul to the opposite direction and calmly placed the ball on his right. Krishna won another penalty at 68′ under similar situations and made it 2-0.
Jamshedpur FC was conferred the third penalty at 84′ of the match as David Williams shouldered Noe Acosta when Jamshedpur took their corner. Sergio Castel reduced the lead from the penalty.

2) Piti’s injury damaged the game for JFC :

Jamshedpur’s spanish newbie Piti is undoubtedly the heart of this team. They got their first chance to break the deadlock when Piti dummied Jayesh beautifully and crossed to Farukh who’s header ricocheted from the bar. But unfortunately at 38′ of the game he had to leave the ground as he faced a thigh injury from Prabir Das’s Powerful strike. The whole situation changed for the away team thereafter. Substitute Noe Acosta completely failed to cover Pitii’s absence and Jamshedpur FC’s midfield became rudderless as ATK’s pressure became unbearable to Jamshedpur defence. The hosts easily found pores to make way to their opponent’s half. The JFC think-tank of Antonio Iriondo & Co. will surely not be happy if Piti can not continue in the next match as things will not be rosy for the city of steel.

3) Agus & Anas duo became unsurpassable :

ATK exhibited a well drilled defence in their back line. Their defence looked flawless yesterday as it never seemed they could concede any goal except Piti’s maiden attempt at 7′. In just two games Agus Garcia and Anas Edathodika have built a good chemistry between them. It was like they created an impregnable wall in front of them. Gradually the centre-back duo is becoming ATK’s trump card especially Agus who seems to be skilled in his work. The Spaniard already made appearances for teams like Real Madrid B, Cordoba and Danish first division club Esbjerg. On the other hand after a bad game for his national team against Bangladesh, Anas made a good comeback for his club. The 34 year old defender is also selected for national duties against Afghanistan and will join the camp after this game.

4)Lack of consistency from Subrata Paul :

Subrata Paul who was awarded the ‘Hero of the match’ in the previous game against Bengaluru FC would surely forget this game as a nightmare. He made some terrible school boy mistakes in the game and clearly showed a lack of consistency in his performance. Jamshedpur FC could concede a goal in the early minutes as at 6th minute Subrata failed to clear a bread and butter ball after Williams suddenly triggered a run towards him. The ball just went through beside the bar. At 39th minute of the game he passed the ball so slow to the defender that Williams caught the ball and found Krishna at the left edge of the box, he back healed the ball to Javi who failed to generate a powerful shot and the ball missed the net giving Subrata some relief. Subrata was a hot topic of discussion for not being selected for the national team after his brilliant performance against BFC but this type of performance may again push him to loss in depths.

5)Come back of Jobby Justin :

Former East Bengal star Jobby Justin finally made his ISL debut after 3 games as a substitute in place of Soosoiraj at 80′ of the game against Jamshedpur. The Keralite star was suspended for six matches for his past deeds against Aizawl FC in I-League last season. He missed his 3 games in the last three matches of East Bengal and three matches remained for this season as he was not featured for the first 3 games in this ISL. But Habas hinted the media that he had a plan to feature Jobby in the match against JFC in the pre-match press conference. He kept his promise as he fielded him at 80th minute of the game as a substitute. Obviously it will be tough for Jobby to find a place in the first eleven instead of in-form Roy-David duo but he may be used as a substitute option like Edu Garcia this season. But the strange fact is that Habas fielded him as a right back which is not known as his comfortable zone although he has played in that position previously for Kerala Santosh Trophy on thside. On the other hand Habas already did the same experiment with Prabir Das. So is this ISL is going to see a new changing position of a player? Habas usually answered in his way after the match that every player has to be ready for playing in every place.