Know About The Draft Of India’s First Ever Motosport Based Franchise League: X1 Racing 0

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X1 Racing League Player Draft 2019
The player draft for the inaugural edition of X1 Racing League concluded on 11 November 2019 in Mumbai. 30 drivers from across the world were drafted in 6 teams which are Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi and Ahmedabad. The X1 racing league is the first official motorsport franchise based league in India which was an idea of Aditya Patel and Armaan Ebrahim who are actively racing internationally and representing India. The first season this year will have races over two weekends that are on 30 November- 1 December in Greater Noida and 7 December-8 December in Chennai.

The league will have six teams with four drivers and two cars each, which includes one international male and female driver, one Indian international driver and one Indian domestic driver. X1 is divided into 3 pillars that are League, eSports and Speed summit- which aims to develop and promote motorsports in India.

The teams are as follows:

• Team Hyderabad :

Akhil Rabindra
Tonio Luizzi
Gosia Rdest
Arjun Narendran
Anindth Reddy

• Team Bengaluru :

Arjun Maini
Oliver James Webb
Michelle Gatting
Nayan Chatterjee
Vishnu Prasad

• Team Mumbai :

Khush Maini
Mikkel Jensen
Pippa Mann
Sohil Shah
Karthik Tharanisingh

• Team Ahmedabad :

Krishna Mahadik
Alex Yoong
Rahel Frey
Chittesh Mandody
Ameya Walavalkar

• Team Delhi:

Gaurav Gill
Mathias Luada
Christina Neilsen
Raghul Rangaswamy
Ashwin Datta

• Team Chennai :

Narain Karthikeyan
Frankie Cheng
Alice Powell
Arjun Narendran
Yash Aradhya

The owners were very happy with their choices and are ready to start this season with a motto of winning because as the Chennai team official Mr. Yohann Setna said “this league gives equal chance to every driver and franchise not as in F1 where the best teams are always gonna win, there will be some close racing and battling not just like a train as these are small cars. We want people to get excited and understand that motorsport can be exciting. We can go to any race and see anybody win.

The Bengaluru’s team spokesperson Naina Parekh told that “the response till now is tremendous we are getting calls from companies just with the help of social media in 2 days. I think it’s going to be a fantastic hit, but it will take time.” She seemed to be very confident and said “we have the best team, every driver is fantastic here but we have our favourites with us. For marketing we will use social media, we have sponsors on board that will take care of lot of things and we plan to do many events also.”

IMG 20191113 WA0004 680x510 - Know About The Draft Of India's First Ever Motosport Based Franchise League: X1 Racing
(From left to right) Zulfiquar Ghadiyali, CEO private office of sheik Tahnoon Al nahyan (AD Racing Delhi),Yohan Sethna (Team Principal, NK Racing Team), Dhaval Gada(promoter of DG Enterprises, owner DG Racing), Moid Tungrekar (CEO, Mumbai Falconss), Avi Jain (Co-owner, Bangalore racing stars), Akhil Reddy (owner, Blackbirds Hyderabad)

The brainchild behind this Aditya Patel and Armaan Ebrahim when asked about this super innovative idea, they told that “It took 2 years, lot of hard work to get all the drivers, investors, partners and team owners. We have a great bunch of people who are successful in different sectors and have the same vision like us in growing the sport. The eSports was a fantastic hit, much more than we expected each city had multiple thousands of people. We saw a lot of talent that urge and interest the Indians.”

They told the race formats are going to be completely different and unexpected like short races, explosive and we have re-changed drivers and not tires. The draft was wonderfully organized and everyone was happy with their teams.

So the day ended with happy faces all around as everyone is excited to see something new in this Cricket dominating nation. Motorsport has a great future in India and this league is just a stepping stone for its further journey.