Pranav Prince: The Taxi Driver’s Son From Kerala Who May Rule NBA Soon! 0

images 14 - Pranav Prince: The Taxi Driver's Son From Kerala Who May Rule NBA Soon!

Who thought the son of a taxi driver in Kerala can become a NBA star one day? Pranav Prince is the name of that upcoming star from Kerala who got selected in the NBA Academy India from among 50 boys who attended the all India trails which was held in May 2018.

The 6ft 3inch wonder boy who is just 16 years old, has captained the sub-junior nationals from Kerala in 2015. Pranav also represented Kerala in many youth tournaments and played for Kerala in U-19 national championship. Playing for U-19 team, in just 16 years of age was a game changer in his life.

He belongs to a small city named Alappuzha in Kerala where Basketball is not a popular game, so to overcome this problem he shifted from a CBSE school to St. Joseph’s so that he could play basketball! He is currently in Noida for his training.

In a conversation with Pranav, when he was asked about his experience since the last May 2018 he said, “When I came here, I was very thin but the way they have trained me is very good. I can feel the changes now I’m more powerful and thick than last year. Now I’m a good player, last year I was a bit scared but now I’m confident and not afraid, they teach us to be a good person even off the court and learn to respect everyone.”

By seeing the changes in his body and game, he was questioned whether there was a difference between coaching in Kerala and in NBA Academy? Pranav said, “I didn’t lift weights there which I do here, and the food I get here is different from Kerala where we ate Fish and Rice but here there’s a proper diet with all proteins and vitamins which are needed for the game and recovery.”

He was one of the three players who participated in both SABA championship and witnessed NBA India games, which itself is a great accomplishment in this age. Regarding his future goals he said, “We are going for the European Basketball League in Hungary and then we have the Asian Championship next year.”

He gave all his credits to his father for making him a basketball player because he was the one who pushed Pranav to always believe in himself and take a step ahead. “After I captained the Kerala side and was a part of the senior Indian camp he told me that now you should play outside the India.”
He dreams to play in NBA one day in his favourite team Brooklyn Nets with his favorite player Kyrie Irving and also aspires to represent India one day and make the country proud!