EXCLUSIVE: “There is a great positive feeling in the club”: Eugeneson Lyngdoh speaks ahead of Kolkata Derby 0

speaks ahead of Kolkata Derby 680x510 - EXCLUSIVE: "There is a great positive feeling in the club": Eugeneson Lyngdoh speaks ahead of Kolkata Derby

Eugeneson Lyngdoh, whenever Indian football fans hear this name the picture of a young promising footballer comes infront of their eyes who due to injury and misfortune has been failing to justify his talents for the past couple of seasons. But the Shillong born India international midfielder may see a twist in the fortune after his arrival on SC East Bengal, a side with pretty much similar fate as the player who will also be looking forward to do something well in their first ever Indian Super League (ISL) forgetting the gloomy last couple of seasons.

eugene 1 561x561 - EXCLUSIVE: "There is a great positive feeling in the club": Eugeneson Lyngdoh speaks ahead of Kolkata Derby

East Bengal was a late entrant to the cash-rich league and as a result could not rope in the in form India internationals. But still they have shaped their squad considerably well featuring some prominent Indian names and the former BFC man is one of them.

Ahead of the biggest game of the season- the Kolkata Derby, which is also the season opener for SC East Bengal, Talk Sports 24X7 caught up with Eugeneson Lyngdoh and got an insight of the player and the side.

Talk Sports 24X7: It has been 1.5 months since you have joined East Bengal. How has been your experience so far?

Eugeneson: Yes, it has been good! Really good! I am glad to join a team like East Bengal and I am looking forward to the season.

Talk Sports 24X7:It was really a tough past two seasons for you after coming back from injury. So how are you shaping yourself for this season?

Eugeneson: Nothing like that. Have to remain positive. Have to remain mentally fit. I am now physically fit and injury free and doing training everyday. And I am looking forward to the upcoming season.

Talk Sports 24X7:Now, the season opener for East Bengal is against arch rivals ATK Mohun. Tonight is the biggest football match of India as well as Asia. How are you looking forward to the challenge?

Eugeneson: I think we are a good side and it is expected that we start the season well. And given that the first match is against ATK Mohun Bagan, it is important that we play well and start our campaign in a positive manner. Obviously the first game being the derby, the emotions are high and expectations are higher. It’s a brand new season and we are looking forward to it.

Talk Sports 24X7: You previously have played under Antonio Habas in FC Pune City and you also played for ATK. So you know both opponent and it’s coach quite well. Will it be an added advantage for you?

Eugeneson: Definitely! I have played for ATK and shared the dressing room and am aware of the mentality. I also know the Coach for whom I played in the past. So yeah! You may say so.

Talk Sports 24X7: How is the whole squad shaping up and how is the mentality if the team ahead of the derby?

Eugeneson: Yeah I must say that there is a great positive feeling going around in the club and the team ie. the players are getting along very well which is a very good sign for a team. All the players are in a lively mood and it’s a great positive sign for the team I believe. We are playing along and gelling quite well and hopefully will appear as a good side.

Talk Sports 24X7: So at the end, it must be asked that what’s your personal goal this season as an individual player?

Eugeneson: First of all I must say that it is a great opportunity for me now. I have to ensure that I play regularly. I did have personal problems for the past couple of have seasons but have to keep them aside and be a regular in the team.

East Bengal has become SC East Bengal and Mohun Bagan and ATK have merged to become ATK Mohun Bagan. Although it’s upto the statisticians whether this is a new derby or the same age old rivalry, but the passion of the followers of the two side are same as always. Now it remains to be seen which players grow in stature tonight taking up the challenge dictate the course of the match and Eugeneson Lyngdoh is surely one of the players you should have your eyes upon.