BTR Continue Their Consistency As They Dominate PUBG MGC week 2 day 1 0

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PUBG Mobile Global Championship: Week 2 Day 1

The PMGC Week 2 starts off with a bang as the eight teams who could not showcase their skills in the last weekend are back and will try their best to head to the “Weekend 16”s this time around.

Chinese roster of Four Angry Men took the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in the first match of the week with 29 points. Erangel is one of their strongest maps and after the stunning performance in the first weekend; it was expected from them to have a great start. Power888 KPS stood out well in the match with the highest kill points for any team. Brazilian sides Loops eSports and Alpha7eSports were placed 3rd and 4th respectively; however they interchanged their spots in the match rankings due to Alpha7’s high kill points. Team Secret Jin, Blue Bees, The Unnamed, and Konina Power had zero placement points but all of them managed to accumulate at least a kill before their exit. The game was dominated by Power888’s TT and Korpai who managed to get 5 and 3 kills respectively dealing a total of 1100+ damage, followed by Favian from Archer Gaming (4kills, 663 damage) and 4AM 33Svan(2 kills, 2 assists, 540 damage).

The second game of Miramar was won by American team Execute eSports who have signed their players all over the world (USA, Vietnam and Myanmar) with 10 kills. As usual, Miramar had a slow start and a very fast paced ending. Execute eSports along with Futbolist and A1 eSports managed to survive till the very end fighting the enemies in the front and the blue zone at the back. Klas Digital Athletics performed very well with 13 kills but were eliminated at the 4th spot; managed to score total of 21 points and were placed 10 points prior to 3rd placed A1 eSports who had a single kill. Bigetro Red Aliens started their week with 4 kills and placed 6th.

Surprsingly, last match winners Four Angry Men were the first team to exit the game, followed by Abrupt Slayers, Elites United Team, Alpha7 eSports, Natus Vincere and Z3us eSports. Top players of the match were Solkay(6 kills, 1101 damage) and Lovazin(3 kills, 3 assists, 890 damage) from Futbolist alongside XitsFate(7 kills, 677 damage) and Klas DA’ Rayz(6 kills, 614 damage).

he third game of Sanhok was very well exhibited by the Asian sides with RRQ Athena taking the WWCD with 14 kills, BTR RA placed 3rd and ranked 2nd with 9 kills, and Blue Bees placed 2nd and ranked 3rd with 6 kills. Brazilian roster of Futbolist were ranked 4th and had 11 points. On the other hand, it were the Asian sides as well who had to quit the game early. Power888 KPS, Aerowolf Limax, Nova-XQF and A1 eSports exited the game with no placement points. Loops eSports and Natus Vincere managed to hold on to the middle of the table with 4 points each.

Vikendi was quiet a stunning match with a few awkward and unexpected results.Mongolian roster of Zeus eSports managed to take a 9 kill WWCD wiping off Turkish side Klas DA who managed to secure only one kill. Godsent were placed 5th, yet were ranked 2nd due to their huge amount of kills in the match. Japanese squad of Blue Bees was eliminated in the 3rd spot with 3 kills. Secret Jin, Abrupt Slayers, Power888 KPSi, Konina Power had to quit the match with zero placement points; however Team Secret secured 7 kills making sure to get placed on the upper half of the table unlike the other three teams. Nova-XQF continued to have bad games with merely 2 points.

The fifth game of Erangel was a comeback for Futbolist with a 17 kills- Chicken Dinner. Secret Jin and Bigetron RA shared 2nd and 3rd spots with 4 and 5 kills respectively. However, Natus Vincere managed to climb up to the 5th rank having one placement point but a staggering dozen kills. Konina Power, Klas Digital Athletics, Abrupt Slayers and Alpha7 eSports ended the map with zero points. Last game winners Z3us eSports were placed 10th with a bare couple of points.

The final game of the day came down to the map of skills- Miramar. PMWL East Chammpions Bigetron RA were awarded the WWCD with 35 points followed by Nova-XQF with 24 points and Godsent with 11 points. Futbolist, Natus Vincere, Archer Gaming and Elites United Team had no placement points but they managed to get 5,3,1 and 1 kills respectively.