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As the second day of week two of PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) kicked in, all teams looked forward to making their way to the Second Super Weekend, but only the top 16 were able to grab an uplift to play the Main Stage. Talk Sports 24×7 takes a dig at the happenings today.

The day started with the aggressive map of Sanhok, Chinese roster of  Four Angry Men played a slow counter-fragging game to take a 7 kill WWCD, defeating Brazilian side Loops eSports who had the same kills. Nova X-Quest F was eliminated at the 4th position with 8 kills, thus managing to rank 3rd in the match standings, a point ahead of Konina Power hailing from the Commonwealth of Independent States. Klas Digital Athletics, Abrupt Slayers, Godsent, and DRS Gaming were the first four teams to be wiped out of the map, where only DRS Gaming was able to seek 2 kills while the rest had none. Top players of the match were Gonzo-626 damage, 5 kills (Konina Power), Suk- 591 damage, 5 kills (4AM), 33Svan-569 damage, 2 kills, 5 assists (4AM), Ices-529 damage,3 kills, 1 assist (Power888).

The second match was an even more fast-paced game where Konina Power took a massive 13 kill Winner Winner Chicken Dinner defeating Z3us eSports who had only 5 kills. Natus Vincere exited at the third spot but with no kills thus placed 5th. Four Angry Men and Secret Jin occupied the table’s 3rd and 4th spot with 13 and 12 points respectively. Futbolist had no points at the end of the game. Abrupt Slayers, A1 eSports, and The Unnamed also exited the game with zero placement points but managed to get 1,2, and 3 kills respectively. Klas DA had another unsatisfactory outing as they finished 11th with 3 points.

The third game brought a sense of peace amongst all squads around the world as the map of Erangel returned. In a quiet and calm game with not too much violent drama, Japanese side Blue Bees took the Chicken Dinner with 24 points followed by A1 eSports, Power888 KPS, Bigetron RA and RRQ Athena who had 16,13,13 and 11 points respectively to create a complete Asian Top5. Aerowolf Limax, Natus Vincere, Loops eSports and Godsent had no placement points but managed some kills for themselves. 

The vast desert of Miramar posed a challenge for all teams in the fourth game of the day. Known to be a Chinese stronghold, Miramar was almost conquered by Four Angry Men who had 12 kills only to fall to Alpha7 eSports who took a 9 kill WWCD. Godsent, Secret Jin, Konina Power and Nova-XQF followed 4AM in the table with 17, 13, 11 and 10 points respectively. Power888 KPS, DRS Gaming and Blue Bees ended the game with an empty hand, while The Unnamed managed to snub a point alongside 11th placed Archer Gaming and 12th placed Abrupt Slayers who managed a couple of points for themselves each.

Back to Sanhok, the fifth game shaped a happy ending for Execute eSports who took a 26 points WWCD followed by Futbolist with 17 points. Yet again NaVi finished at the third spot but dropped to the 4th with four kills as opposed to fourth finished 4AM’s 7 kills. Klas DA and BTR RA managed 8 and 9 points from the game respectively. Team Secret, RRQ Athena, Z3us eSports and The Unnamed finished rock bottom with 1 point each. Abrupt Slayers also finished with no placement points but managed a couple of kills. Top players of the match were KillSwitch-592 damage, 4 kills, 2 assists (XeS), OldBoy- 625 damage, 3 kills, 1 assist (NaVi), Hasaki- 456 damage, 4 kills, 1 assist (4AM), Zootay- 351 damage, 4 kills (XeS).

The final game of Vikendi ended at the open ground between Vihar and Dino Park where Power888 KPS managed a WWCD with 22 points, the same as 2nd placed GodsentA1 eSports, Archer Gaming and RRQ Athena followed Godsent in the table. Elites United Team, Loops eSports, Areowolf Limax and DRS Gaming were the squads to exit with zero placement points but Natus Vincere and Bigetron RA joined them with one point of placement for each to finish the bottom six. 

Teams who qualified for PMGC Super Weekend 2

Placed by Week 2 Overall Standings: Four Angry Men, Bigetron RA, Futbolist, Godsent, Execute eSports, Nova XQF, Power888 KPS, Secret Jin, Blue Bees, RRQ Athena, Konina Power, Z3us eSports, Alpha7 eSports, A1 eSports, Klas Digital Athletics, Loops eSports

Teams who will miss PMGC Super Weekend 2

Natus Vincere, Archer Gaming, Team Secret, DRS Gaming, Elites United Team, Aerowolf Limax, The Unnamed, Abrupt Slayers