PUBG Mobile Global Championship Super Weekend 1 Day 3 0

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This Day scheduled to be held five days earlier, but due to technical issues at the PUBG Mobile Global Championship Studio atDubai, United Arab Emirates.

PUBG Mobile Hub had informed earlier about an unspecified number of teams travelling to Dubai and Maldives to not settle for less due to ping issues. So, no games could be held that day. Instead, today it has given the teams a chance to give their opponents’ strategies another read and rectify any errors the roster is causing in game.

The first game of the day was the all-favourite map of Erangel. Indonesian team Bigetron Red Aliens took a classic Winner Winner Chicken Dinner with 8 kills defeating CIS side Konina Power who managed similar kills. RRQ Athena did manage to finish third but due to their low kills (2), they found themselves in the fifth spot in match rankings, behind Loops eSports and Team Secret MX who finished the game 4th and 5th respectively with 7 kills each. Overall table toppers Four Angry Men managed merely 5 points from the game and found themselves at the eighth spot on the match ranking. Nova-XQF, Klas Digital Athletics, Abrupt Slayers and Power888 were eliminated with zero placement points, however the later managed to secure 4 kills which pushed them to the 11th spot unlike the others who hold on to the last three spots.

The twelfth game of the week was triggering as the blizzards blew in the cold map of Vikendi. Power888 KPS managed a crucial 25 points Chicken Dinner ahead of Loops eSports who had quite some unsatisfactory games earlier this week. Alpha eSports finished third ahead of RRQ Athena but found themselves 3 points below them due to the Thai roster having a decent number of kills. Bigetron found themselves placed 11th with 3 points, while Four Angry Men and Klas Digital Athletics took the bottom two spots with null points. Bringing peace in the minds of Brazilian E Sports lovers, Loops eSports finally managed to take home a win with 6 kills. Maybe with low kills, but a Chicken Dinner means 15 points anyways, Loops defeated NovaXQF to conquer the sandy desert of Miramar. However, Klas Digital Athletics who finished third found themselves sitting at the second place courtesy of their massive 11 kills. Current toppers Bigetron RA had a “not so satisfactory” game where they were eliminated with a single placement point but managed to secure 6 kills and were placed 7th. On the other hand Four Angry Men dropped further in the table as they managed only 3 points from this outing.

Turkish side Futbolist, American side Execute eSports and Japanese roster of Blue Bees were left with zero points at the end of the game. Sanhok is one of the maps where the teams with more kills are eliminated first and the teams who maintain a low profile throughout the game go on to win it. This game was not an exception with Alpha7 eSports taking a four kill WWCD. Bigetron RA finished second with same number of kills as the winners. Loops eSports were eliminated at third place but slid down to the fourth spot below RRQ Athena who managed 7 kills along eight points of placement. Klas Digital Athletics and Secret Jin secured one placement point each but managed to kill 7 and 6 enemies respectively. Four Angry Men and Futbolist had yet another bad game alongside Nova XQF as they held the last three spots in the match rankings.

To finish the week with Erangel on the menu, all the teams looked forward to make their mark however, Blue Bees managed to take a calm and composed 9 kill WWCD defeating Klas DA who secured 7 kills. Secret Jin finished third but found themselves ranked 5th with 14 points. RRQ Athena and Bigetron RA found themselves placed 3rd and 4th with 15 points each. Loops eSports and Futbolist managed a mere 4 points each from the game. Four Angry Men had yet another bad game with 2 points marking a disappointing day for them. The unhappiest teams of the day would be Aerowolf Limax and Abrupt Slayers, finishing rock bottom in the final game of the week as well as missing next week. Alpha7 eSports and Konina Power however managed to secure one point each from the game.

As we look forward to Super Weekend 2 starting tomorrow, here is the overall ranking after 15 games.

1) Bigetron Red Aliens (Indonesia)- 178 points

2) RRQ Athena (Thailand)- 162 points

3) Klas Digital Athletics (Turkey)- 143 points

4) Four Angry Men (China)- 140 points

5) Loops eSports (Brazil)- 139 points

6) Alpha7 eSports (Brazil)- 122 points

7) Secret Jin (Thailand)- 115 points

8) Konina Power (CIS)- 112 points

9) Nova XQF (China)- 108 points

10) Power888 KPS (Thailand)- 102 points

11) Team Secret MX (Malaysia)- 88 points

12) Aerowolf Limax (Indonesia)- 87 points

13) Blue Bees (Japan)- 86 points

14) Abrupt Slayers (Nepal)- 69 points

15) Execute eSports (USA)- 56 points

16) Futbolist (Turkey)- 56 points

17) Godsent (Sweden)- 0 points

18) Z3us eSports (Mongolia)- 0 points

19) A1 eSports (Bangladesh)- 0 points

20) Natus Vincere (CIS)- 0 points

21) Archer Gaming (South Korea)- 0 points

22) Elites United Team (UAE)- 0 points

23) DRS Gaming (Nepal)- 0 points

24) The Unnamed (USA)- 0 points